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Simple. Pop!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Escaping the ordinary doesn't mean taking things to the extreme. The subtle nature of design allows the architect to showcase that which appeals to them in a fresh and attractive way.

Handmade Paper and Grass Sculpture

Sometimes simple design concepts can engage an audience in the most beautiful of ways. It might not require a lot of fancy 'jazziness' to entice an audience.

“When I worked for magazines, I found editors often saying, "Make it pop!" especially referring to cover art and text. It makes me think of bubble gum or what I would call soda if I were from the mid-west.”

There are situations where a not-so-simple expression is necessary to drive-home a perspective.

A Condensed White-Paper: Wild Weave

Grass, such an everyday thing overlooked until you find yourself sleeping in it in the wilderness or on someone else's' front lawn, can bring natural attention to this wondrously wild potential.

The thought of using it as a design material for building structures could seem quite unique to some but it's final aesthetic characteristic with its varied properties, are quite diverse and complex in a remodeled construction. The traditional act of weaving delivers the material in a specified pattern, where this organic process has presented it in a different, yet still attractive way.

The material alone could stimulate a serenity and also has the possibility of awakening a desire to experience a welcoming place. To bring the calm from nature and feature it indoors subtly, can offer a fresh perspective at what is possible.

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