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Self Preservation

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

A play on words, a play on verbs, a play on stage, a play on ways, as miles and miles bring back smiles, as we depart and show no start.

Photography: Frozen knots. (© 1995)

“Don't set yourself on fire tying keep others warm." -Penny Reid

“Frozen in time, trapped in a maze, near a muse as I get confused with loops and hoops unmade... Picking up where I left off."

I just want to create, not think about lost art; Making me again as if I'm my best even at false-starts and then beginning again down the road, quiet-like when I'm spry with might, making things, creating things, honing in and making waves.



To win again and feel no shame;

That we're no game, just start and stops;

Courting us, sporting us;

Crying us, sighing us.

As we soon choose, what we might not loose;

Then begin again, with book stands and fools.

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