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Recipe for Disaster Recovery

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I will feed them inspiration to carry on with poise and hopefully they too will know that I'm modeling.

Homemade veggie patty with sautéed spinach and corn, with tomato and mint garnish.

Addressing and creating labels gives me the chance to be aware of the place that I call home while allowing myself to have my own unique presence, even if my costumes are widely varied.

“As I juggle multiple hats as an art director, designer, sculptor, photographer and gardener, I value the creative perspectives that materialize from working with a diverse team, even if for now, it's just me.”

Working around excellence and feeling less-than, I create things and call it art. Then I revisit it again with a fresh perspective and ask myself questions about perception. That is the beginning of many starting points for design.

The Art of Cooking

Dear Self,

I'm sure you know this already but I have little resources at the moment but don't believe it will always be this way. I guess what I'm saying is that I might be challenged to think more creatively and maybe even learn to ask for help. As I reminisce over the work that I've been able to make during this distinctive time, I can be grateful for what I've been able to accomplish.

Design has saved my life. I often call myself an artist to cumulatively address all that is insinuated in that title. In 'art' there is the art of life, love, creation, development, cultivating friendships, and repairing woes either from within or with someone else... Sometimes there are different understandings that find themselves in the term 'art' that need definitive meaning in design that can restrict the creative process. And while at times that might be necessary for a number of different reasons (due to time, budget or resources), designers are challenged to offer purpose, a path and a solution with a set of principals.

At the finalization of a design project there is an appreciation for what went into creating it. When I feel too close to a project to celebrate it, I'll celebrate myself by making a nourishing meal that will make me feel as if I just visited a five-star restaurant, with the best ingredients possible and share it with others. Who knows what else can be produced from that inspired feeling.

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