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Making Something Great!

Today I'm feeling really insecure – you wouldn't understand it unless you've been scored...

Message from Yogi Tea

Thoughts empty eventually and are replaced by other thoughts. The challenge is managing them in one happy space, and finding that 'happy' space when it is not apparently there.

“Maybe this little engine that could, can – with support."

Guess who makes products, inspirational rhymes and opportunities through and through...

Best Practices

Knowing what goes into making products from a realistic project management perspective has it privileges. Having prior hands-on experience not only in project management but in the area being administered, assist greatly in guiding a team toward a successful completion of a project and makes an impact. This role can ignite a workforce back to their independence, to self-manage themselves, enhancing the quality of support for a team they feel a part of and/or for values they believe in enough to carry with them from the workplace to their families.

Having a supportive community is what can make or break a perspective, enhance or disengage a partnership and build or destroy an individual. This day in age, people are seeing stress levels at an all time high, seeking outlets in a variety of creative ways that assist in the development of relationships. Spanning from the work environment, co-workers have traditionally developed connections outside of the office to build upon that community spirit. Attending events as open mic sessions, dance and exercise classes and other creative communal gatherings to engage in healthy alternatives to socialize, enhances their skill sets to address public speaking and social engagement anxieties to strengthen their relationships and presence at work.

While project management is the large overarching goal that encompasses all of the tasks that can halt or enhance progress of a product or project. There are still the additional nuances that are not noted on a project schedule chart, which is why understanding people is key. While we are all different, we carry a wealth of similarities as if we all are searching for, in one way or another, a piece of peace. Knowing how to reach it, is a journey we take together.

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