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Know 10101

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

You are me and I am she with a 'shhh' linked & linked so fastidiously; so wherever you go, I will know ... 'shhh'!

'Links' sculpture, made with reclaimed lumber.

The breath has many sounds, as poetic trappings find me unclear of what I thought I should know until it I hear, Om.

“Being strong and 'durable' is not a goal, it is an understanding that takes place after life teaches one to live sustainably."

Sustainability appears in many forms and fashions. Sometimes the simplest and most delicate of things magnanimously support unfathomable situations and circumstances...

Repurposed Thoughts

I will at least be clear about one thing, that is you and this is me...

I rode my bike often on the rugged terrain of Brooklyn, NY – with clips. From Ocean Hill to downtown Brooklyn, I rode for the fun of it and to maintain balance. For me, it took guts and became my secret love, including my bike chain that was so heavy, I had to wear it as a belt. Wearing it made me feel stronger, more capable and courageous.

Years later, wearing it the same way, someone called it my chastity belt after one of my breathing/meditation sessions. I was reminded of that again recently when I lost my key and spent hours in it all locked up. I realized then how uncomfortable it was and had to find another purpose for it to serve, at the least as a memory.

Seeing an item from different angels in a dimensional space, offers the viewer alternative perspectives, including a palatable one for enriching a frame of reference when approaching new concepts and ideas.

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