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Driving 101

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Reestablishing myself as a designer after working without using a computer for a few years has proven to be the most challenging and yet rewarding experience.

Hand-embroidered sweat jacket.

Writing allows me to release the conversations within that might prohibit me from moving forward with an idea. Making designs by hand, often requires a different skill set of focus, attention and courage.

“Without graphics, I design using words, grammar and textural cultural perspectives that offer my audience a chance to 'recondition' the patterns in their thinking and engage in creative and alternative points of view.”

"I don't want to spend so much time looking at myself that I forget who I am" (8/5/2009). "Now, I want to see who I am and not forget what I look like" (2/18/2019).

Where I Am

Working here, yet steering clear,

Not knowing how I stared an ambition into me.

With graphic words and thoughts permeating,

I shimmer actualities to adorn me;

Making hues again as dogs bark, city-life sparks and leaves float,

Offering me a chance at something new, yet classically old,

And fresh perspectives lingering in notes,


Symbolic symbolism’s creating heavens; To cherish all that is within,

As my opposite seems knotty and I can no longer tell the difference,

As to which labyrinth I find myself circling in;

When thoughts leave me to wonder, See where I am and wonder again where my head should be,

As I be doing, as I am,

Moved to be still, passionately.

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