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Dalila Brooks

My dream of becoming an assistant art director at the prominent African American news magazine, Emerge, then part of a consortium of BET publications, was the beginning of my career as a graphic designer. Since, I have worked in the areas of art direction, creative services management and marketing. These opportunities have offered me the chance to strengthen my skillset and continue to work with clients with a varied project scope. 


My expertise has not only been in the areas of designing publications and developing brands for emerging companies, non-profits and small businesses but has also included marketing them using video production packages on social media and other platforms.  Developing a marketing plan will assist my clients with having a comprehensive outreach and customer engagement plan outlined for them to transition to after the final product has been completed. To see how I may offer a creative product and outreach solution to reaching your target market, email me at

Dream beautifully,

Dalila Brooks

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